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Welcome to the My So Called Mind Book Club!

By joining the MSCM Book Club you are becoming a member of a community of determined individuals dedicated to using the power of books to transform their lives and amplify their self-healing journey.

Our 24/7 WhatsApp group provides a safe and supportive environment to share your thoughts and feelings about books, personal development, and the challenges and successes we each face in our daily lives.

With unique course materials delivered each week, you'll stay connected to the core concepts of each book and remain able to engage with the community regardless of your reading pace.

Group calls will further enhance the experience allowing us to review key ideas from each week and explore new ways to integrate them into our daily lives for the purpose of healing and growth.

If you're ready to meet your people and begin a new chapter of your self-healing reading journey, come on in and explore everything the book club has to offer for just $1 during your first month! (terms & conditions below).

    CURRENT BOOK (JAN 15 - FEB 14)


    NEXT BOOK (FEB 15 - MAR 14)


    • The membership fee for your first month will only be $1, allowing you time to explore the community, the course content, and everything else the book club has to offer.
    • After your first month, memberships will renew at $20 per month.
    • Joining the book club will grant you access to all course material, no matter what date you join.
    • You are free to cancel your subscription any time before your renewal date to terminate your membership from the book club.