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Self-Healing Mentorship

Self-Healing Mentorship

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Reduce stress and anxiety, reveal your true purpose, discover strategies to guide yourself onto a path of healing and growth.

Explore how to best utilize ancient and modern philosophies for the purpose of healing and growth in a 50-minute private zoom call (audio only).

About Your Mentor

Will holds a Bachelor Of Education Degree and a Diploma Of Professional Counseling. He has worked with dozens of clients from all walks of life, offering guidance from both his formal education and his decades-long obsession with personal development and self-healing.

Here is a sample of a self-healing mentorship session Will recently held on his popular TikTok account:


@my_so_called_mind Healing From Emotionally Manipulative & Passive Parents - a self-healing conversation between myself and @Grantford J from a recent livestream. • Featuring excerpts from the book Adult Children Of Emotionally Immature Parents by Lindsay C. Gibson. #selfhealingtools #livecoaching #adultADHD @My So Called Mind ♬ SONATA NO 14 IN C SHARP MINOR, OP 27 NO 2, MOONLIGHT SONATA - Intermede Music


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