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Staring at the Sun: Overcoming the Terror of Death

Staring at the Sun: Overcoming the Terror of Death

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Written in Irv Yalom's beautifully distinctive story-telling style, Staring at the Sun is a profoundly encouraging approach to the universal issue of mortality.

Capping a lifetime of professional work, Dr. Yalom helps readers recognize the inescapable truth that fear of death is at the heart of much of our anxiety - and is the leading driver of much of our escapism, addictions, and mental-health conditions.

Once we confront our own mortality, Dr. Yalom writes, we are inspired to rearrange our priorities, communicate more deeply with those we love, appreciate more keenly the beauty of life, and increase our willingness to take the risks necessary for personal fulfillment.

In Staring At The Sun, readers have the pleasure of being guided by one of the world's finest therapists through one of life's most challenging tasks. It will without a doubt benefit anyone who reads it, and doubly so those suffering from panic attacks, death anxiety, ageing, or illness,

"A generous meditation that shows us not how to defeat our fear but how to become wise enough to tolerate it. It should give comfort to the dying and to those they leave behind."

Author: Yalom, Irvin D.

Number Of Pages: 320

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