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Toxic Stress: A step-by-step guide to managing stress

Toxic Stress: A step-by-step guide to managing stress

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Identify and manage stress with this practical, seven-step program by the best-selling author Dr Harry Barry

In the world we live in, stress comes from a multiple number of sources, including pressures at work, relationship difficulties and illness. Most people can usually take what life throws at them; but when stress builds up, it can overwhelm an individual and lead to potentially serious health problems.

Toxic stress is an indispensable tool on coping with the stresses of modern life. By identifying the different kinds of stress and in particular the dangers of 'toxic' stress, Dr Barry shows us how to discover where our stress is coming from and how we can effectively confront, manage and reduce it in our lives.

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Author: Barry, Harry

Number Of Pages: 20

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